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Various Artists – “We Are The World 25” Haiti Relief Video

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 13, 2010

Watching this video I hope you take from it more than just the music. Although, the voices of all the singers & celebrities combine to make beautiful music, more importantly it is their message that resonates even after the video has ended. There’s something instilled in every human being that forces us to care and be compassionate about our fellow man. For some, we act upon this desire, and for others we more or less stand back as the people around us are in need.

Hopefully, your spirit has been touched not only by the music, but by the footage of the people of Haiti who so desperately need assistance. Even if you until this day you were one of the people who did not reach out a hand, today can be your day of transformation. Do not allow the questions from the detractors bar you from doing what your heart feels is right.

As the song says, “We are the world. We Are The Children,” take that as a reminder with you after you’ve read this post. Not donating is not a crime, not caring should be.

Sapa se mavule — R.I.P. Michael Jackson

–T. Adeyemi


3 Responses to “Various Artists – “We Are The World 25” Haiti Relief Video”

  1. Marvalous said

    You know I have to comment on this… Respect! Shout out to all my Haitians out there, all my black people, all my human beings period! Stay strong our people needs us

  2. timid086 said

    It’s truly amazing to see artists from different genres of music put aside their egos and come together for a greater cause. Comparing this version to the version 25 years ago is like comparing apples to oranges, but it is amazing to see how the industry has changed during the time (i refer to T-Pain and the use of Auto-Tune), but it makes me wonder, 25 years from now will these same people be an influence or even relevant in the industry??

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