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Dave Coresh – “Never Say Never” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 13, 2010


Becoming successful in the music industry isn’t guaranteed. In fact, stories of artists who fail to land a deal, record a single and release an album are the images often associated with the business. Sure, the Jay-Z’s and the Eminem’s have achieved success beyond their wildest dreams, but they’re two of the select few to beat the odds. Meet Dave Coresh.

As a favor from a friend, I was asked to give Coresh a listen and offer feedback. I had heard of the guy previously, but never sat down and truly listened to his music. Until now. I was sent a handful of tracks from the Chi-Town resident and chose to highlight this one. First, he raps over one of my favorite instrumentals of ALL TIME. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who appreciated this largely underrated classic. Secondly, on “Never Say Never,” Coresh addresses the topics of success, the music industry and conforming to what others think he should be.

“I know sometimes that in the booth I stretch the truth
But I don’t talk about hella coke or Bentley Coupes
I ain’t saying none of these rappers never sold drugs
But if you selling so much, then why you performing in clubs?”

Yup, the trials and tribulations that come with living a dream. His mixtape, Formal Introduction, is slated for a late March release.

Download: Dave Coresh – “Never Say Never”


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