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Catalog Catch Up: Jim Jones, Beanie Sigel & Joe Budden – “Where I’m From” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 8, 2010


Six years ago, Jim Jones was second in command under the Dipset regime. Beanie Sigel was witnessing the death of a dynasty. Joe Budden had just about had it with the industry and its bullshit. And Big Mike was guaranteed to give you a hand full of exclusives on any mixtape he co-signed. That was Hip-Hop in 2004. That very same year, all four names crossed paths. Jones, Beans and Budden handling the raps. Big Mike with the mixtape.

Seeing as how all three men would eventually have choice words towards Jay-Z, it’s ironic they chose the “Where I’m From” instrumental. That being said, Jim bats lead off and holds his own by taking the listener on an audio trip through Harlem. Keep in mind, this was after his now infamous Hot 97 conversation with Mase, so his ego was at an all time high. Beans, well, intensity is an understatement. Incarceration running through his mind and passion in his lyrics, Sigel was in rare form.

The highlight of the track is Joey. If you’ve ever wondered what life in Jersey was really like, consider this verse your tour guide.

“Here’s the head crack, I’ma OG, I don’t wet that
If you know me then you know it’s get back, you nahmean?
The nah means tools is gon’ flair
In a society if you a nobody, then actually who’s gonna care?
They won’t call ya next of kin
Or make ya family aware
And the whole hood is dipped up
So havin’ sanity’s rare…”

DownLoad: Jim Jones, Beanie Sigel & Joe Budden – “Where I’m From” | Mediafire


One Response to “Catalog Catch Up: Jim Jones, Beanie Sigel & Joe Budden – “Where I’m From” (by J. Tinsley)”

  1. Ridifulous story there. What occurred after? Good luck!

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