Grade A Certified

“Super Healing”

Posted by J. Tinsley on February 7, 2010

As the confetti falls upon Miami and beads thrown around N’awlins, thus ends another successful NFL campaign.

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, their fans and, most importantly, the city itself. The depressing images of Katrina and her aftermath will never leave the fabric of America. But, a Lombardi Trophy does help in the healing process. Truthfully, I was pulling for Peyton and the Colts. I just knew #18 would etch his name in with the most exclusive of company after tonight’s game. He always manages to find a way. He always manages to win the big one. Well, sometimes life happens.

The defense did something I believed they couldn’t do, stop Manning. Sean Payton had one of the best play calling halves ever in the second. Keep in mind, this was after a mistake filled first. But more importantly, Drew Brees now finds himself with the elite quarterbacks. The Peyton’s, the Brady’s and, for Steeler Nation, the Ben’s. He’s just that good. It’s a special moment when you can see an athlete come of age before your eyes. I just hope everyone appreciated what they saw tonight from the man N.O. refers to as “Breesus.”

While the game held the same value to every player on both teams, the victory serves as a milestone in the city’s well-being. Imagine how Mardi Gras will be this year. Total mayhem. But more so than the thrill of victory, maybe this will lead to a greater sense of awareness. The area is rebuilding, but there are still years more work to do with other parts of the city. There are some people who haven’t seen their block since the summer of 2005. Those same people haven’t had a place to call “home” since. I just hope acts are passed and the right people are put in the right position to keep the city in a progressive mindset.

Victory, hope and faith. Three things which surround the Saints Superbowl 44 victory. And hopefully the future of New Orleans.

“New Orleans nigga, how bout them fuckin’ Saints?!?!”Lil’ Wayne


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