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Kameco Cuaolo “Kam” – February Featured Model

Posted by Mr. Put On on February 7, 2010

Here we are–February, the month of love, when everyone is scrambling for Valentines, or for gifts for their Valentine. A month when the demand for chocolate looks like that of oil in the global market place. The winter season is coming close to completion, and as the snow covers the ground on the east coast, many of us are indoors awaiting the annual Super Bowl. Saints vs. Colts, who will prevail? That’s a question of time, and in due time we shall see; it’s out of our hands.

One of the only things we have control over, is the model of the month. We try to bring you a model who exemplifies “Grade A” both in her shoots, and behind the scenes. This month, we present to you Kameco Cuaolo also known as “Kam”. A native of California, Kam is a full time model at the age of 19 and has clearly been on the grind. She has done photo shoots for the likes of Drummer Boy and Steven Segal, radio shows on both Sirius and XM stations, book covers and magazines. She has been in music videos ranging from artists like the New Boyz and Snoop Dogg to Fall Out Boy. She’s done plenty of runway modeling and promo modeling. Her resume is extremely impressive and is as long as the service record of a career military officer. Check her out on Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook. Say hello, she’s pretty friendly.

When we say “Grade A Model” we mean just that. It’s a level of quality that goes beyond just the photos we put up. The daily life and routine of a model such as Kameco is exactly why we have this feature. To spotlight models who are working hard to accomplish their goals (and look good doing it). Well if you’re not ready for the photos just yet, I can assure you that I am. Take a look, read her responses, cause she’s Gotta Be Grade A! Make sure you leave a COMMENT good or bad.

Name: Kameco Cuaolo
Age: 19
Nickname: Kam
Hometown: San Francisco\Santa Monica

Favorite meal: Chicken Marsala

Hobbies: Rock climbing, shopping, all sports, reading the Twighlight series, and modeling.

Current Favorite Music Album: Robin Thicke’s first album

Current Occupation: Full-Time Model
Career Goals: Become a plastic surgeon and be a Victoria secret model
Modeling Goals: Be in a Victoria Secret fashion show

What or who inspires you to Model: Tyra Banks, European beauties and Fashion
Favorite Model: Tyra Banks
Top Designers: Marc Jacobs and lamb

What makes you Grade A material: I’m classy but sexy and exude confidence in everything I do. I look to inspire and do things others think are impossible and show them it’s possible .

What do you consider to be “Grade A”: As far as women….Grade A is classy and sexy. A working woman who’s independent but accepts help….someone who is optimistic about life and tries her best in everything she does.

Flashback: January’s Grade A Model of the Month – Raya Reaves – “Miss Raya”


18 Responses to “Kameco Cuaolo “Kam” – February Featured Model”

  1. J. Tinsley said

    She definitely gets the stamp of approval. Great selection.

  2. Ben Savage said

    Grade A indeed…i would have her baby lol

  3. D Dotta said

    On My Mama, On My Hood, That Chick Bad…SHE LOOK GOOD!

    No Hate to any of the other models, but its between Kameco and Ashley Prototype for the best one’s yet IMO.

  4. Classic Ice said


  5. ashley johnson said

    she look BAD in the first two pics..she aite in the rest..but good pick.. b+

  6. TIFFANY said

    i think i have seen better and prettier models not impressed

  7. Ya Money said

    There is a lot of hating going on with those last to comments… I didn’t expect any thing less from girls… Grade A choice!!! Welcome to the Grade A family…

  8. da king is here said

    grade F haha jus playin she whatever tho

  9. kalica said

    im her sis n mad people are hatin…..
    jealous cuz they’re fat cows(tiffany)
    and im sure you look like shit

  10. cool said

    Loved u on KassemG XD

  11. Watcher said

    Saw you on KassemG! Good luck with your modelling career 🙂

  12. Borchek said

    Клевая герла

  13. Younastybw said

    Pure Sexiness

  14. Younastybw said

    One of 2011’s best.

  15. Younastybw said

    Love her sexy ass.

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  18. jabon said


    […]Kameco Cuaolo “Kam” – February Featured Model « Grade A Certified[…]…

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