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“Blood is thicker than water… or is it?”

Posted by Okla Jones on February 6, 2010

The phrase, “Blood is thicker than water”, is something that I’m sure that we’ve all heard at least once in our lives. In any other circumstance, I would believe that to be true. However, in the case of Archie Manning concerning the Saints, his son, and Sunday’s big game; I think water might receive one of it’s scarce victories. I know what you all are thinking, but just hear me out…

Archie Manning was the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints during the worst time of the franchise’s history. He was very talented, but he played for the Aint’s (as they’re so passionately called), and nothing more needs to be said after that. Anyway, let’s fast forward about 30 years or so… Archie has lived in New Orleans since he became a member of it’s home team, as well as being apart of the city through it’s ups and down, so he knows what the Saints mean to the Crescent City. Secondly, he has raised a family in this place that he’s called home for over three decades. But the question is: “Do you cheer for your son? Or your home?”

The younger Manning doing what he does best... which happens to be better than everyone else.

To many it’s a very easy decision, but we first must look at the intangibles: Peyton Manning already has one Super Bowl Championship under his belt, and a win on Sunday would solidify his place in being considered as the best quarterback ever. But, the New Orleans Saints, along with their fans, have waited 43 long, embarrassing, 2-3 win seasons for this moment, and personally I even think Peyton himself is secretly rooting for the boys in Black ‘n Gold… (well, not really)  The elder Manning understands that if the Saints can clinch a victory on Sunday evening, it would cause an eruption of joy and happiness in a city still rebuilding from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. When asked about who he would be rooting for this weekend, Archie said:

“Of course I’m pulling for the Colts, 100 percent. You wouldn’t be much of a parent — or a human being for that matter — if you didn’t pull for your kid. I know that anyone who has children would never ask that question.”

…and I don’t fault him at all. I somewhat believe him, but something tells me that come Sunday if the Saint’s pulled out a victory, he wouldn’t be too mad. Good luck to both teams, may the best win…

– Oak


One Response to ““Blood is thicker than water… or is it?””

  1. Classic Ice said

    I know deep down Archie wants the Saints to win.. Both of his sons already have rings so why cant the saints.. Too bad his son is just that damn good, and will probably blow the saints out from the gate..

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