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Injury List

Posted by servontaym on February 5, 2010

The Superbowl is now  approximately two days away and the top story is will  Dwight Freeney be playing? Well, we still don’t know  if he’s playing but I if I were in Vegas I would say that he will be in the line up. I don’t care how hurt you are, the Super Bowl is what  you have dreamed to play in since you started playing football. The Super Bowl is that ONE game nobody should be listed as probable. You never know when the next time is that you will see a Super Bowl appearance so  you should take  that chance moment why you can.

My Prediction for the Game is the Saints take it, but it will be a close game


One Response to “Injury List”

  1. Classic Ice said

    I dont think it will make all that big of a difference because its a system defense and whether he is there or not wont kill anybody

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