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Gatorade’s Superbowl Commercial with Common

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 5, 2010

Certain people just seem to have a gift for inspiring through narration. Common has quickly become a reputable spokesmen through his several endorsement deals. Anything from New Era, to Gap clothes, and even Lincoln Navigators, Common just seems to have the right touch. I guess that’s another part of his career his owes a bit of gratitude to Mr. West for.

In this Gatorade commercial the Hip Hop ambassador again lends his voice to the advertising world. Because this commercial is 1:30, I imagine Gatorade will have a shortened version of it to play during the Superbowl. Either way after watching it, I almost felt inspired to relive that dream of becoming a professional football player. (Pondering…) Nahhh, I think I’ll stay with this writer thing just a little bit longer.

OH, and for the record I picked the Saints to take the title. Can’t wait to hear those Saints come Marching In!


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