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Drama Beats x Yelawolf In The Studio (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 4, 2010

Drama Beats, remember him? He vowed to hit the ground running in 2010 and by the looks of it, he seems to be doing just that. With another up and coming talent in the studio alongside him, Alabama’s Yelawolf, take a brief look into what atmosphere in the studio was like when this mystery track went down.

Hopefully this finds itself on the “Young & Reckless” mixtape he was referring to.

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One Response to “Drama Beats x Yelawolf In The Studio (by J. Tinsley)”

  1. Wut it do Drama dis ya boi SaVagE aka Donnell Preston and ima hot STL artist in search of a new producer to get wit and im lookin in to young and reckless becuz its a new label that im tryna to get wit to bring that fire on tracks…you can check out sum of my music at if you like what you hear shoot me and email @ and let me know ya boi SaVage is on his shit lol get at me my dude

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