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#18 + 2 = #1

Posted by J. Tinsley on February 4, 2010

Next time you feel down, just be happy you didn’t make this mistake.

Let it be known, if Peyton Manning and the Colts win their second championship on Sunday, there will be little to no doubt whatsoever where #18’s all-time rank will stand.

Right now, Archie’s boy is my personal pick for greatest quarterback of all time. At least since the Reagan era. His understanding of the game is second to none. Almost unhumanlike levels. The ability to adapt against aggressive defenses on the fly is scary and beautiful, simultaneously. Ask anyone who knows me, I’ve always voiced my opinion on what the easiest job in America is: the Colts offensive coordinator and/or back up quarterback.

Think about it, if you’re Peyton’s clipboard understudy, you’re never going to play. And when you do, the game won’t matter. If you’re the offensive coordinator, you give him five plays to choose from and let him decide. It’s not rocket science.

Peyton’s numbers, for this point in his career, blow everyone out the water. He’s 32 and seems to be getting better with age, something completely against the laws of physics in football. His iron man streak trails only Brett Favre. To be fair, however, his blessing to have the same offensive scheme his entire career also helps.

A win Sunday puts him beside the man who is considered the holy grail of signal callers, Joe Montana. A win Sunday also puts Manning  one ring behind Montana and Brady who have three. Calling a spade a spade, Montana never had to deal with free agency, so his team never changed. Brady and the offense just haven’t been the same since the 2007 season. Peyton’s only gotten better.

You may agree or you may not. Opinions are just that and everyone’s got one. It’s all debate when the dust settles. But if, and when, Indianapolis wins this Sunday, just know you’ll have to seriously consider Peyton Manning as the G.O.A.T.


2 Responses to “#18 + 2 = #1”

  1. Classic Ice said

    I have to agree with you, win or lose he is #1, we will be telling our kids about how peyton would pick at you and take control of the game. This 2nd super bowl showed is all even though 17-0 couldnt hurt

  2. […] of America. But, a Lombardi Trophy does help in the healing process. Truthfully, I was pulling for Peyton and the Colts. I just knew #18 would etch his name in with the most exclusive of company after tonight’s […]

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