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“Kobe?… Lebron?…”

Posted by Okla Jones on February 3, 2010

“I used to play Kobe, now I play Lebron…”Young Jeezy

The current NBA season has been remarkable for both of the men previously stated. With Lebron and Kobe’s squads having the best records in the league (respectively), both men are blazing paths to becoming two of the greatest players that the National Basketball Association has ever produced. James is the most athletically gifted player to ever lace a pair of sneakers, but KB’s drive and determination is only surpassed by “His Airness”. The mammoth of a marketing scheme designed by the people at Nike has drawn even more attention to the healthy competition of the Black Mamba and The King, but the real question in everyone’s mind is: “Who is truly the better basketball player?”

Now, in terms of accolades, championships and success in clutch situations, Kobe definitely puts himself on the top of the list. But now that age slowly creeps up on this future Hall of Famer, when it’s all said an done, will Lebron emerge as the better of the two? The savior of Cleveland is only 25 years of age, with an entire career ahead of him and for the past few seasons, the Eastern Conference is not what it used to be. After the Black Mamba dons the #24 jersey for the final time, will that championship trophy that has eluded LBJ be his for the taking for years to come.

Statistically, by offense and team involvement, it can be argued that Lebron is much more effective. However, Kobe’s string of All-NBA Def. 1st team selections, and on-the-ball perimeter defense makes him the more well-rounded player. Mr. Bryant’s deadly jumper has been proven to be un-guardable time and time again, but as of recent years, King James has become more confident in his shot, thus becoming more consistent. As a fan of both men, this argument will continue to arise generation after generation, but in the end a player’s true legacy will depend on how much hardware he has acquired upon retirement. So, in this race ‘Bron has a long way to go, but as of now time is on his side.

My personal opinion doesn’t really matter at this point, because my opinion is just that… an opinion. I believe that the Lakers will win at least one more NBA title before #24 calls it quits, but after that, I believe Lebron’s dominance over the game of basketball will truly prevail. But until then, I look forward to watching these players rule the game that they play so well… the game that you and I love. In the meantime, best of luck to both me… though I highly doubt they need it.

Be safe,

– Oak

P.S., those commercials are always extremely entertaining. Shoutout to Lupe Fiasco.

Watch: Kobe x Lebron (Video)


2 Responses to ““Kobe?… Lebron?…””

  1. Classic Ice said

    I hate Kobe, but im going to do you one better and say the Lakers are going to win at least 3 more rings. Their team is young and really good. This year they have shown they can win pretty much as a team, Kobe play the team role and take over at the end, no one is going to stop them. ’06

  2. TopDog said

    Both Lebron and Kobe are great players, and they’ll both be in the Hall of Fame. Lebron’s better, flat out.

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