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Going For the Gold: Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Collection

Posted by Ms. Aivee on February 2, 2010

So we’re all looking forward to the upcoming Winter Olympics right? Probably not. If you’re anything like me you might watch the opening ceremony and call it quits after that. One of the most best parts of the opening ceremony is the parade of nations where the athletes enter the respective stadium carrying their flag and waving at the spectators. Its always interesting to see the creative outfits that each of the nations come up with to demonstrate their culture.

I’m not trying to be biased but once again USA will be the freshest country represented at the games with Ralph Lauren designing the opening and closing ceremony outfits as well as the gear they will be wearing throughout the games. Not to worry if you aren’t a world renown speed skater you can still look like one with Polo’s Olympic Collection.

This collection is red, white, and blue all over, yet it doesn’t come off as over the top. As  is the case with anything Polo, all the pieces are well made with interesting, luxe details to make a statement in a classy way. Some of my favorite pieces are the Olympic Games Slim Custom-Fit plaid shirt and Olympic Games Fleece Pant for men; the Opening Ceremony Knit Sweater and Olympic Games Flag Sweatshirt for women; and the Olympic Games Shawl Cardigan and Opening Ceremony Knit Hat for both men and women.

If the standard pieces don’t make you feel like an athlete then the  “Create Your Own” option for the Skinny Fit Flag and Olympic polo and Pima Fleece USA Track Jacket will really make you feel like an Olympian. With just ten days to go before the start of the games all the polo-heads and patriotic freaks should rush to to get your Olympic gear but be forewarned , your patriotism will cost a pretty penny. The prices span from a $10 Olympic Games Pin to the $425 Opening Ceremony Knit Sweater.

Although the pieces in this collection might break the bank, can you really put a price on supporting the home team or looking good in the latest Polo gear? I think not! Whether I’ll be rocking my Olympic Games Graphic Tee remains to be seen but I will be watching Team USA on February 12!



4 Responses to “Going For the Gold: Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Collection”

  1. Mr. Put On said

    Oh Yes!….. fuckin great shit Ms. Aivee…. GREAT FUCKIN SHIT!!!!…

    Now that’s what I call Grade A

  2. Classic Ice said

    I might grab a winter polo, them jawns is aight

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  4. وب سایت آموزش قرآن ثامن وابسته به موسسه فرهنگی خدماتی ثامن الائمه علیه السلام…

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