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DJ Drama’s 2-for-1 Mixtape Special

Posted by T. Adeyemi on February 2, 2010

DJ Drama apparently was in the mood for giving yesterday as he simultaneously dropped not 1, but 2 new mixtapes on the Hip Hop world. B.o.B’s mixtape May 25th, which is titled after the release date of his upcoming album The Adventures of Bobby Ray is sure to be the first of many new releases from the ATLien. As a matter of fact I would predict that is just the first installment of a year that will be filled with releases from the Grand Hustle family. B.o.B. is certainly gaining steam carrying over from his emergence in 2009. This mixtape includes a few of his normal collab partners in Asher Roth & Charles Hamilton, and features a lot of his own production which should also be expected for his album.

Now, for the Eastside Atlanta hood version of the program, let’s all welcome OJ Da Juiceman. Not that I’m immune to the infectious headnod and street corner ice grill that you can’t help but do when you hear the likes of Juiceman. But a lot of times I’m just searching for more than car system rattling beats and hundreds of colc, ye, crack, and drank references. But nevertheless I will give this mixtape a listen and refrain on judgement until I’ve given it its just due. 2010 certainly will prove to be OJ’s show & prove year with Gucci locked up and the success of his street anthems behind him.

On the subject of both mixtapes I’d have to say the artwork for both is superb. This is just another sign that mixtapes are becoming more important than albums, when in a sense the success or lack thereof, can determine whether or not an album will ever see the light of day. I suggest downloading both mixtapes off the strength that DJ Drama has placed his stamp on them. But for the record B.o.B. is winning the battle of hierarchy in my deck for spins right now.  Click the jump for the links and back cover artwork.

— –T. Adeyemi

“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”

Download Link: DJ Drama & DJ Sense Present B.o.B – May 25th

Download Link: DJ Drama & OJ Da Juiceman – O.R.A.N.G.E.

Shout Outs to NahRight for the Links


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