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Grade A: DJ Marvalous – State Of Emergency (DNN)

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 31, 2010

In the wake of the recent disaster in Haiti, our very own DJ Marvalous has but together this extroardinary tape. Download this tape and enjoy the sounds as you reflect on yourselves. Black History month is upon us– what qualities do you exude that help improve the current state of the world? Keep Haiti in your minds and hearts, take time to donate what you can. Enjoy!

Grade A Download: DJ Marvalous – State Of Emergency (DNN)

Sound the alarm…/For a wise man once said
There can not be a revolution/Without bloodshed
So now that our people /lie trapped in rubble
and so many/face down in the streets, dead
we have no choice/than to make a righteous pledge
to change our ways /in hope for brighter days
because the revolution doesn’t /have to come in a flush of rage
for we ARE no longer /in the confines of an animalistic cage
Now the shackles /Strap us down /in a more complex way
for the mind has now been /put into a maze/and this faze
can only be surpassed /if we seek the passion within
that has been lost /in greed and ignorant prejudice
but it still shines /like an ETERNAL blaze
for that is where the truth lays/because we all are the same
and it will always remain /that in a time full of sorrow/and such pain
love will find a way /to reign /through any strain
giving the will to survive/not just to maintain
but flourish and truly gain/the redemption that has been
promised when one of/our prophets sang

Written by Greg Ganthier


2 Responses to “Grade A: DJ Marvalous – State Of Emergency (DNN)”

  1. douglas said

    yo! very nicely done/said

  2. […] Grade A Download: DJ Marvalous Presents: State of Emergency (DNN) […]

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