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William Evans – Comedian, Designer…A Little Bit of Everything

Posted by lovelyboricua24 on January 30, 2010

“I wanted it to be a true discourse between larger than life characters.” 21 year old William Evans put his true talents to work when he created a video of what he thought a conversation would be between Chris Tucker, Obama, Martin Lawerence, Katt Williams, Stewie Griffin and Dave Chappelle. Through his comedic talents, acting and editing skills, the young man created a video that is quickly making its way through YouTube user’s computers.

The college student said that the idea to make the video came about, just as his fashion line did, “…because no one else was doing it.” The aspiring comedian created the script, keeping in mind each characters actual preferences. Evans took from stand ups of the comedians to create each characters style and the end result was, as he wished, a comedic conversation between figures we wouldn’t normally get in one room.

Evans is a one-man-band, beginning with his fashion line Evolution of Wardrobe. Started in 2009, Evans line was created and incorporated with his right hand man, Joshua Campbell, began when Evans thought he could put out a better product than what was already on the market.

All in all, Evans considers himself a funny man with innovative ideas. Evans expresses himself through the vision he carries with his fashion line, his comedy and every now again with his singing talents. Be on the look out for more from the comedian!

Check out the video everyone’s talking about and subscribe to his page.


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