Grade A Certified

This is the REMIX – “Pants On The Ground” Bun B Edition

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 30, 2010

Disclaimer: First, let me start off by saying that this post is simply meant to share laughs. The following video is not considered Grade A material by any stretch of the imagination. However, the track is for you to decide.

By now it has been close to impossible to not see the 62-year old former military General Larry Platt somewhere during your voyage across the world-wide web. After becoming this season 9’s version of William Hung on American Idol, General Platt has made appearances on daytime television and surfaced everywhere from gossip blogs to Hip Hop sites.

The General Platt “brand name” could not be stronger right now. If Platt has anyone with even the slightest bit of business savvy in his camp then I’m sure we’ll be seeing General Platt’s Dance Grooves DVD’s, General Platt’s motivational tapes, and of course a General Platt clothing line that comes with self tightening waistbands to prevent “Pants on the Ground.”

It seems that Hip Hop has taken notice to the general’s theme with the rash of videos that have surfaced. But now (as expected) the remixes have made there way out into the open. Unexpected though is the artist who decided to jump on the bandwagon. Bun B of all people took his stab at remixing the general’s message on this Double O of Kidz In The Hall produced track.

–T. Adeyemi

“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”

ListenBun B “Pants On The Ground” (Produced by Double O)

DownloadBun B “Pants On The Ground” (Produced by Double O)

Grade A Bonus: The Song & Dance that Started it All.


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