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TGIF “Thank GOD I Can Flashback” – Groove Theory

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 29, 2010

Real quick, just take a few minutes to vibe with me on this one. As you’re playing video feel free to sway a little bit in your chair. Can you feel it? Yeah, you can feel the groove. The music feels true, almost as if it wasn’t made to invoke any other response but a smooth headnod and a gentle two-step. Don’t be ashamed if you’ve already started snapping your fingers. That response simply signifies that you have entered the Groove Theory.

This R&B/Rap duo can be defined as the defintion of one hit wonders, but what’s lost in that label is the one time that they provided the world with timeless music. On a Friday afternoon riding home from work, while you’re contemplating your late night move they provide the perfect transition. The group’s only true single “Tell Me” is set at just the right tempo to assist with unwinding. As their name states, the groove is naturally solicited as you listen to the soothing vocals.

The melody is provided on this track by singer Amel Larrieux. Her counterpart for this production is Producer/Rapper Bryce Wilson. The duo met in 1991, at a time where both their careers were at a stand still. Deciding that together they could compliment each other’s talents to create something memorable they formed Groove Theory. Larrieux & Wilson chemistry took some time to create, in the end birthing their debut self-titled album.

Groove Theory’s first release didn’t prove to be a major success sales wise outside of “Tell Me”, which reached certified gold status. Larrieux described her inspiration for creating the album in an interview with Nu-Soul Magazine.

“Well, I mean, [my] inspiration was being young and green and having years and years of songs written before then, and never being in the studio before. It’s a live combination of inexperience, excitement, innocence, and [having] a lot to say, you know being years and years of writing stuff, and watching things…I think I grew up in the hey day of Hip Hop, the best hip-hop, the late 80’s, early 90’s, so I had a lot of stuff to inspire musically that was going on.”

The days of the simple and seemless mix of R&B & Hip Hop seem miles behind. However, the sensuality and soul of the music remains evident when listening to Groove Theory’s debut. Unfortunately, the group disbanded in 1999. The songstress went on to pursue a solo career having dropped 4 albums to date. Wilson has progressed as a producer having done tracks for Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Babyface, and George Michael among others. Wilson has also attempted to reinvent Groove Theory by recruiting singer Mekada Davis for the album 4 Shure in 2000, but the effort was not well received.

True Hip Hop Soul for the masses may be a thing of the past currently, but Groove Theory has laid the groundwork for a comeback whenever the game is ready. For now Neo Soul is the only reprieve. Then again, it only takes a moment to click play and step back into the groove.

–T. Adeyemi
So Take the Time and Flashback…
“Be Real, Be True, Keep It 100.”

2 Responses to “TGIF “Thank GOD I Can Flashback” – Groove Theory”

  1. GingerKiD said

    Thanks for mentioning that I was the one who put you back on this song a few weeks ago!! My man!! lol

  2. timid086 said

    You have no idea, how glad I am that TGIF “Thank GOD I Can Flasback” is back!!!! This is another GREAT flasback!!! Can’t wait for next week

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