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DMV Artist Cupid Williams – “Lookin 4 the Freaks” Video

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 29, 2010

Usually its around this time into a new year when people begin to start falling off of their New Year’s resolution routines and slowly start to drift back into being content. However, for others this is the time where they begin to separate themselves from the pack. Having the the ability to continue to strive through good and bad times is something we value and appreciate at Grade A. Certainly it seems we aren’t the only ones, just ask DMV artist Cupid Williams.

The rapper/producer/marketing guru proclaimed 2010 to be “his year,” which most times when a rapper says that we tend to give our customary response and say “Okay, We see you.” But this time those words are beginning to become more and more true.

Williams a northern Virginia native and a student at Hampton University has been making beats since a young age. His passion for music never wavered even during the unbearable times in the HU dorm rooms. But now having escaped that situation Williams is more dedicated than ever before and unleashing new music at a vigorous rate.

Currently, Cupid is working on his third mixtape of 2010 and he has filmed two videos for a little added face time. According to Williams he plans on dropping two more mixtapes for Black History Month full of even more new music. The young boy’s grind at this point is unquestioned.

Look out for all the C. Williams releases to hit Grade A first. Right now, check out the “Lookin for the Freaks” video directed by Derek Pike. Shout Out to Good Looks barbershop for the backdrop of the video. Also, look out for the official Grade A Interview with Cupid coming soon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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