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“Down With The King Pt. 2?” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 29, 2010

By now, it’s already been let out the bag T.I. has been in the studio recording new music since his release to a halfway house in Atlanta. With the that in mind, the anticipation to hear that music is often comes in the form of one question? What will he talk about now that he’s out? The question is only going to increase in frequency as Tip nears a full release date. The official LP will more than likely surface during the latter part of this year. However, since the public’s hunger for music is where it’s at, an official mixtape wouldn’t be a bad idea. A Gangsta Grillz sounds even better.

Think about the situation when the first one dropped. It was 2004 and Tip was released from prison still riding from the success of his last album before he was incarcerated. DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz movement was still young but was gaining momentum as rap’s premiere mixtape line. The two teamed up for “Down With The King” and the buzz surrounding T.I. and G.G. was never the same. In a good way, of course.

Now, at the current moment, Tip is preparing to be reunited with the freedom of everyday life. He’s still riding off the success of a critically acclaimed last album prior to his incarceration. Only this time Drama’s Gangsta Grillz is one of the most coveted co-signs in rap and T.I. is vastly considered one of the “elite” artists. But why not team up for a “Down With The King pt. 2?” Sounds about right. Not only does it satisfy the anticipation for new music from Clifford, but could result in great exposure for other artists on Grand Hustle. Young Dro, Big Kuntry and most definitely B.o.B. could be features. The possibilities are, in fact, endless.

In a perfect world, it would happen. In reality, Drama’s schedule and/or The King’s desire to do another mixtape are big factors. So who really knows if this could actually come to fruition? It would have Hip-Hop in a frenzy though.


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