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#DailyPutOn: Cassidy ft. Jag – I’m Ill (Freestyle)

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 28, 2010

I’m applyin the pressure to you mutha f**ers. It ain’t no good music out and I’m madder than a mutha f**er.

So apparently Cassidy has risen from the depths and put out a bunch of track and freestyles recently. Glad to see Cass goin hard once again. He’s partnered up with this fella Jag, who I need to go and read up on right now. But dude is nice, this duo is seriously “ill”. Oh and I had to include this Woah 2k10 bonus, cause…… “Woah!!!”

Download: Cassidy ft. Jag – I’m Ill (Freestyle)

Bonus: Cassidy ft. Jag – Woah 2k10


One Response to “#DailyPutOn: Cassidy ft. Jag – I’m Ill (Freestyle)”

  1. Classic Ice said

    Philly stand up, Cass is still my favorite rapper. Well when he wants to be. He hasnt added much to his game since he came out as “the bul B” He’s nice though

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