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Nas’s Lyrics Ring True A Decade Later (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 27, 2010

Before the days of the internet, the songs you received on the CD were the only songs you were going to get. Nowadays, bonus tracks are more of an expectation than gift. This wasn’t the case some eleven years ago when Mary J. Blige released her fourth effort, Mary.

Found on the limited edition version was the smooth, yet brutally honest “Sincerity” featuring DMX and Nas. X’s aggressive eight bar intro set the stages for Mary’s crooning. It was typical Mary with vocals of empowerment and pain. It was Nas, however, who would steal the show.

In 1999, Esco was only five years removed from his classic debut, Illmatic. He was still spitting with the same fire and intensity which would later define him. On “Sincerity,” Nas takes time to ponder the good life with “someone he could trust.” Ironically, the lyrics prove to be even more potent in light of his recent history with ex-wife, Kelis.

“Give me someone I could trust, not just a hottie to bone
Does she love Escobar, or love Nasir Jones?
Let me know so I could cop her the stones
What’s clear to me is sincerity…”

One’s personal life is just that, personal. However, it’s always ironic whenever art imitates life. In this case, repeats life.

Grade A Download: Mary J. Blige feat. DMX & Nas – “Sincerity”


One Response to “Nas’s Lyrics Ring True A Decade Later (by J. Tinsley)”

  1. Classic Ice said

    Kelis gettin that nigga right now

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