Grade A Certified

Grade A Presents: Unsigned BUT Hype Series

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 27, 2010

Here at Grade A Certified we are not only dedicated to reporting the news to you, centered around Hip Hop culture. We are also committed to improving the lives of others. With that in mind, The Grade A Staff has decided to begin a new bi-monthly segment that will feature the track of an unsigned artist to be showcased to our patrons for critiquing. This artist must possess several crucial elements that are necessary when attempting to make their mark on the industry.

One element that is needed above all others is the drive & determination to go after what you want. The saying that, “Nothing is given to you, unless you earn it,” is more relevant now than ever before. With music labels less willing to put funds & effort into artist development, it is crucial that the artist bring their own efforts to the table. Second, is being a lane changer. Artists should ask themselves what about their music and who they are brings asymmetry to a music game that is continually flooded with clear copycats? Lastly, within any business, before promoting any product there is a measuring of potential. Without it, very little success can be achieved, and doors will never open.

Many artists are putting in the effort needed to find success. The music they make–needs to be heard. So we’re going to put it in your hands to decide who makes the cut, and who doesnt. Twice a month, we’ll post an artist for you to “Grade.” If the viewers pass that artist with flying colors, they’ll be featured on our new Mixtape, from DJ Tay James (Justin Bieber’s Official DJ), and DJ B*Ryte (Amerie’s Official DJ) called Unsigned BUT Hype which will be distributed nationwide, and reach the ears of A&R’s ,producers, and record label owners across all 50 states.

The Unsigned BUT Hype Series will begin February 1st. All artists from any genre are encouraged to submit 1 track to be featured. The Grade A Staff reserves the right to do preliminary cuts off any music we deem non Grade A material. So artists should send in their most quality work. Also, if your song is chosen Grade A will contact you for an interview prior to debuting your track on the site. We look forward to receiving your submissions, edited or unedited, just know…Its Gotta Be Grade A.

Email Submissions to:


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