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Tupac – “The Life Of An American Icon…” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 26, 2010

Since his passing nearly a decade and a half ago, the world has seen Tupac Shakur’s life examined, critiqued and dissected through a series of DVD’s, TV shows and novels. His music and lifestyle intrigued not only fans in the Hip-Hop community, but amazed those who took the effort to understand him. “Tupac Shakur: The Life of an American Icon” discusses several theories surrounding his murder and attempts to explain the untold legacy which still looms.

The difficult task when it comes to covering Tupac is originality. By now, his entire life story is known by the greater majority of his fans. He put his feelings on full display while on Earth. Everyone came to know and understand those feelings after his passing. Here’s a mission statement from the novel.

For millions, Shakur gave voice to their stories, but there was also another side to him, revealed as his life spun out of control, as the whispered warnings from friends went unheeded and the denunciations of critics grew louder. Disturbingly, he sang and wrote about his impending death. When it came, it brought the music industry to its knees and ended an era when American rappers were leaders in using their art to speak the truth to corporate, government, and judicial power.

Tayannah Lee McQuillar (author of When Rap Had A Conscience) and Prof. Fred L. Johnson III assume the task of covering one of the most influential music icons of all time. After hitting shelves January 20, “The Life…” presents itself as a welcomed addition to any Tupac fan’s collection.


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