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Skillz – 2009 Rap-Up Music Video

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 26, 2010

Daily there’s always reminders around the Grade A offices to never forget where we came from. Seeing as how the formation of this site and the parties involved all met up at one prestigious university, Hampton University that is. We never lose fact that there are plenty of artists in Virginia that have not had an opportunity to showcase their talent. Although, Skillz has already gotten his chance, we still see it fit to promote some of his work.

The Richmond, Virginia product has been dropping the end of the year Rap-Up since 2002; which have widely increased his exposure. Although, his career outside of the Rap-Up tracks has never seen the light of day, he still has managed to make his impact felt on the industry.

Even if Skillz never amounts to much more than a 1 hit relevant song a year artist, the Rap-Ups will stand the test of time. Everyone has their opinion on the quality of the tracks. Honestly, doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them, just remember that no one has done it better than Skillz thus far. Beg to differ? Leave a comment of who you think should take over this tradition.

Hit the jump for the Video

–T. Adeyemi
 “Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Grade A Flashback: Download Skillz – 2008 Rap-Up


One Response to “Skillz – 2009 Rap-Up Music Video”

  1. Classic Ice said

    i really enjoyed the video props..

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