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Redman – “Oh My” (DL) x “Coc Back” (Official Video)

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 26, 2010

Currently titled Reggie Noble 9 1/2, Redman’s next album is set for release in March 2010. With that being known, he has released two singles; “Coc Back” and “Oh My”. Both of these tracks are on point, and make me interested in what this album will entail. DJ B*Ryte made a statement the other day that made me think–

“Redman is DOPE and UNDERRATED”

As much as I’ve been a fan of Redman (Jersey Stand Up!), I agree with the dope part for sure, but not so much the underrated part. I’m not saying that my opinion is correct, and I’m not the authority on underrated ratings, I just wanna talk.

When an artist is stated as “underrated” my first thought is “what did they put out that should have got more play than it did?”. In my opinion, Redman gets as much respect as he deserves. Everyone who listens to rap or hip-hop music knows that Redman is a respectable artist. Some may dispute just how respectable, nonetheless… I think you get the point.

I don’t remember anything that Redman put out, that should have been played more than it was, or received more cred than it did. A lot of the issue with not just Redman, but Redman and Method Man, is the inability of Def Jam to properly market and promote their artists (a beef that I will hold within myself). Method and Red’s Blackout! 2 was a compilation worth buying. How many people do you know that heard it? Did you know it came out this past summer? Did you know it came out at all? Did you think “City Lights” was just a track they mustered up from the basement in their 55+ Community?

With reasonable consideration, I think respect is the main factor in deciding someone’s underrated status. There’s a certain, qualitative, respect to ability ratio that can be an easy determinant for this. Album sales, radio play, all that other stuff, those are all technicalities that depend on factors out of your control. Just because you don’t sell an album doesn’t mean you’re underrated, economy just might be horrific at the time your album drops. Or you’re demographic may have just gotten huge pay cuts.

All I can truly say, is that Redman fans, respect and enjoy the music he puts out. Maybe I’m biased, but I have never seen anyone with a Redman track in front of them, and completely brush it off. The average person would usually say “hmmm… lemme check this out”. In my eyes, that’s respectable; and with that said, check out this new Redman track, I bang wit it, but once again (Jersey Stand Up!).

Download: Redman – “Oh My”


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