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Burger King – Whopper Bar “Double Stacker, no bacon, and a brew Please”

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 26, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

First Thought– Why is that the title? With this McDonald’s video?

Well I couldn’t FIND a Burger King video, and I came across this cool new little marketing attempt from Micky Deez.

Second Thought– Why is this Grade A?

Well we here at Grade A are a bunch of business savvy, articulate, well read group of people. It struck my interest, to see that not only can I get a Double Stacker when I go down to South Beach for spring break, but I can also grab a Miller Coors to go with that; not just your typical Hi-C Fruit Punch (red).

In an economy where 65% of all restaurants reported negative numbers for the last quarter, they’re all looking in different places, and leaving no rock, stone or pebble unturned in this hunt. As you can see, McDonald’s is doing so by letting out the aroma, and hoping it’ll make people hungry enough to forget their pockets, look over the Dollar Menu, and skip straight to the $6.00 Angus burgers. Guess the reports at the end of this quarter will let us know how that goes.

Burger King is looking to increase their numbers in tourist spots, and is planning to start on South Beach in Miami. They plan to open up a “Whopper Bar” that will compete with some of the many other casual dining spots that occupy the South Beach region.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Wet Willie’s is no longer the hotspot, and that BK South Beach is! Apparently Burger King isn’t the first franchise to try alcohol as a new sales point for its consumers. If success is found in this venture, expect to see similar “Whopper Bars” in tourist locations such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Starbucks in Seattle opened up a spot called “15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, Inspired by Starbucks” which added wine and beer to its coffee and espresso sales.

Don’t be surprised to see more advertisements like the one above, and new selling points for restaurants across the country. People just aren’t eating out like they used to, and with good reason. Here’s to a good meal, and a chilled drink, Bon appetit!

Shouts to the folk at USA Today for the first look.


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