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“Tell ‘Em Why You Mad, Rex…” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 26, 2010

The Jets may not be heading to the “Big Dance,” but the organization and their fans can find solace in knowing they’ve got one of the most entertaining coaches in all of sports. He knows football too, but that’s besides the point. Rex Ryan is one of those guys who is a classic quotable waiting to happen win, lose or draw. He’s intense, to say the least, and has never made any apologies towards his attitude. And nor should he.

It’s 2010 so no meltdown goes unnoticed, such is the case with this third quarter tirade. After a botched Mark Sanchez hand off which Ryan took as roughing the passer, Rex heads over to the closest zebra he could find and proceeds to whisper sweet nothings into his hear after no yellow laundry was thrown on the field. Personally, at this point, I consider Sanchez simply JaMarcus Russell with a better defense, but I’m also the guy who completely bombed my predictions this postseason. Regardless, it’s still fun to watch Double R have a Twitter meltdown in real life. Oh, about that quotable. Here’s what the head coach had to say about the no call.

“I think if we’d done that on their quarterback, there might have been some real issues,” Ryan said after the game. “They might have run me out of the stadium.”

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One Response to ““Tell ‘Em Why You Mad, Rex…” (by J. Tinsley)”

  1. Classic Ice said

    Yea Rex is the man, if Sanchez works out then they are going to be a good team for the next few years.

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