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Beyoncé in Allure: Blah Article, Bomb Shoes

Posted by Ms. Aivee on January 23, 2010

Beyonce Allure Cover

The beautiful Mrs. Carter is gracing the cover of Allure magazine for their February issue. In her interview Bey discusses her upcoming documentary and fragrance aptly named Beyoncé Heat. As usual Beyoncé is only dishing about her new business ventures, remaining mum on her marriage and when she’ll be popping out a baby with Jigga’s lips and her hips. But I’m not gonna pick up the magazine to read yet another juice-less article about Beyoncé, I just wanna get a closer look at what she’s wearing especially those shoes!

So here is the close up of the Cesare Paciotti booties that Bey is wearing in the photo.

This shoe is a part of Paciotti’s 2009/2010 Women’s collection and was created in honor of Dita Von Teese, the Burlesque performer and Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife. The black platform ankle boot features a fourteen centimeter heel, and is covered in opaque sequins and silver studs. The shoe also comes in pale blue: that version is covered in hand-stitched cashmere.

While I am dying over the black version of the Dita, I have to wonder what exactly Paciotti was thinking when he designed the blue version (shown below), which in my opinion leaves a lot to be desired. With that said, I am positive that someone could wear an outfit and make them really hot.

So for those of you who still want to yawn your way through the Allure article, the February issue will be on newsstands on January 26th. But for all my recessionistas who would rather spend the $4 elsewhere check out the Dita’s and the rest of Cesare Paciotti’s collection on his website and get your Beyoncé news on Entertainment Tonight. For the girls lucky enough to cop a pair of Paciotti’s watch your step and for the rest of us, keep dreaming…we’ll get there one day.

Ciao Bella!

Ms. Aivee


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