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TGIF “Thank GOD I Can Flashback” – Johnny Kemp

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 22, 2010

One of the best feelings as a music conqueror is having a song that perfectly fits your mood. Friday’s always seem to go either one or two ways. For most people Friday’s end up being their most strenuous day of the work week. Simply because they work so furiously to cram as much work in as possible before 5 on Friday, just so they can leave the office as early as possible. For others Friday’s have become the host day for office parties & more socializing, where no work is done after noontime. However, there’s one crucial aspect of Friday’s that everybody enjoys, PAY DAY.

Everyone knows the feeling of watching the clock as the last hour of your shift comes to a close on a pay day Friday, your only goal is to get to the bank to cash your check. Or is you’re smart you’ve already called the bank to hear your balance because you know your direct deposit came in around 2 AM this morning. However, you receive your money, the feeling is still just as immense. That feeling sometimes can make you want to scream out loud, or even sing a song. And that song sounds something like, “Just Got Paid…Friday Night…Party Hoppin’…Feeling Right.”

If you’re still singing those lyrics than not only do you know the feeling, but you may even know the song too. Those words come from one of the all time best songs to play on a Friday, probably right after Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It.” Those lyrics laced with a New Jack Swing beat rode Mr. Johnny Kemp all the way to #1 on the Billboard R&B charts in 1988. “Just Got Paid” went on to become the singer/songwriter’s biggest hit.

Kemp who is originally from Nassau, Bahamas was raised under the bright lights in Harlem, NY. Kemp’s first break in the music industry was as a dancer. However, he always stayed true to his songwriting abilities. It was Kemp’s creativity and rhythm that gave life to “Just Got Paid.” Coincidentally, the track was turned down by New jack Swing artist Keith Sweat before Kemp heard the instrumental for the track and added his own flavor.

Kemp had a short but fulfilling career having spawned another top 5 hit with the song, “Dancin’ With Myself,” both from his sophomore album Secrets of Flying. The Bahamian’s track “Birthday Suit” was also a medium success that was featured on the soundtrack to the 1989 movie Sing.

“Just Got Paid” can still be heard today on many radio stations for the Friday drive at 5 mix, including Hot 90.7’s own Dj Kurt-T who has played the song faithfully for over 10 years every Friday. The song’s longevity has also been assisted by the N’Sync remake that was recorded for their No Strings Attached album. Whether you prefer the original or the sequel does not truly matter. All that matters is the feeling that is invoked when you hear that New Jack Swing beat drop and you hear the words, “Just Got Paid…Friday Night…Party Hoppin’…Feeling Right.” TIME TO DANCE!

“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100”

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