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Rick Ross Flirts With Success & Death On “Mafia Music 2”

Posted by J. Tinsley on January 22, 2010

Kush. Kilos. Caviar. Three things which encompass not only the music, but the lifestyle of Miami’s go to lyrical entity, Rick Ross. Rewind to this time one year ago. The C.O. scandal (pictures and all). The Boss also found himself neck deep in a beef with Hip-Hop’s bully, 50 Cent. Unlike others before him, the Triple C’s front man survived the battle essentially unscathed. After proving Deeper Than Rap was just that, what does that leave us in 2K10?

Eagerly anticipating Teflon Don, that’s what. Questionable past and all, the quality of Ross’s music is what shines through. His laid-back, yet graphically aggressive flow is what has allowed him to achieve a sense of staying power in the game. He’s more than just a freestyle rapper, but rather a rapper who can spawn hit records. Three weeks into the year, Ross and his Maybach Music family have decided to give the world its first peak into Ricky’s new LP, “Mafia Music 2.”

While the first was lyrically aggressive, MM2 finds Ross teaming up with The Olympicks for relaxing and reflective track. In the grand scheme of things, three successful albums and a hefty bank account is a lot for a guy from the hood to fathom at times. It is because of this you’ll hear Ross do exactly what Tupac Shakur did nearly a decade and a half before him, flirting with the concept of death through his music. It’s like that when fame equals success, but hate overpowers all. Overall, it serves as a more than suitable preview on what is sure to be one of the year’s most anticipated records.

Comparatively speaking, the verdict is still out on which version is the superior track, but it’s safe to say Ricky is 1 for 1 on Teflon Don.

DL: Rick Ross – Mafia Music 2 (prod. by The Olympicks)

Bonus: Trae feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – Inkredible


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