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Ludacris “How Low” Video – Still No Release Date on New Album

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 22, 2010

Guess Who’s Back? Ludacris seems to have the formula figured out in terms of how often to drop a new album, and when to show up on a few remixes. Other than that Luda keeps a low profile if he’s not promoting his budding acting career. “How Low” is Mr. Bridges first single off of his 7th album. (Kudos to YOU Sir) Nowadays, I can’t say that there is more than 5 rappers who I would put my money on to make it to seven major label albums. But against some odds, Ludacris has made it thus far and is now ready to release Battle of the Sexes.

[vodpod id=Video.2906236&w=425&h=350&

Battle of the Sexes was originally crafted as a joint album with then labelmate Shawnna. However, once Shawnna signed with T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Ent. that plan was scraped. At this time Luda hasn’t confirmed if any of the duo’s tracks will still make the album. The concept for the album has shifted to an album where Ludacris will feature many R&B & Rap female artists engaging in tracks that display both sides of each sex’s thoughts and desires. Personally, I like this idea better. I’ve never been a big fan of female rappers anyway, but Shawnna certainly was not in many people’s “Most Lyrical” category. So far Luda has confirmed that Monica, Lil’ Kim, & Nicki Minaj will all be making appearances on the album.

At this time it looks like Chris Lova Lova has decided to push back the tentative release date yet again. The rumor mill says March, but neither Ludacris or Def Jam is ready to show their hands. In the meantime Cris is finding another creative way to keep fans interested in the project and satisfy all the hackers who’d rather just download the leaks and not buy the album. If you go to Ludacris’s official website, he’s giving away free ringtones daily until the release of the album.


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