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Grade A Staff – Conference Round Playoff Picks

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 22, 2010

Once again we have proof as to why you play the games and and not look simply at match ups on paper. This years NFL playoff is the NY Jets and in the last weeks they’ve proven one thing….Cinderella wants a seat at the Ball! Not to go off on a tangent but this is why College football needs a playoff. No formula can determine who may win on any given Sunday. (Or in CFB case Saturday).

But back on topic, the NY Jets flew cross country and pulled off what maybe one of the biggest upsets in recent AFC playoff history. I know all Colts fan are happier that they’ll host the Jets over the Chargers for multiple reasons. Reason one is simply revenge. The Jets magical run to the playoffs started with the Colts foregoing history and laying down for the Jets almost three weeks ago. Who better to beat to get back to the Super Bowl than the team that took away a chance at an undefeated season. Secondly the Jets just aren’t as good as the Chargers. Despite their inspired play over the last few weeks, I’d still take Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates over a rookie Mark Sanchez and Braylon Edwards, who if you listen real closely is dropping everything in anticipation for this AFC title game.

And in the NFC, i hate to say it Cowboy fans but i called it. Favre more than showed up and carried his team to the NFC title game. And the revamped Saints Defense was able to lock down Kurt Warner and that high octane offense from Arizona. Even Reggie Bush got into the action, glad to see the most over hyped draft pick of last decade showed up for once. Well its a rare treat to have the two best teams in a conference to meet in the title game for the right to a free trip to Miami and a shot at the Lombardi trophy. So we will have a show down in the Big Easy for the NFC crown.

New Orleans vs. Minnesota

GingerKiD -Its hard for me to go against Brett Favre in a big game, but history has shown he can throw some timely INT’s. But in the past he didnt have a running back like AP, or a defensive line like he has now. I really think Jared Allen will have a big game and the Vikings can head to the Super Bowl. The Saints will definitely need the fans outside, the crowd in the dome, and the marching band to all assist if they are to overcome, yet another hurdle in franchise history. Vikings 34 – Saints 31

T. Adeyemi – Who would of thought during the preseason that it would come down to these two teams? Both teams were full of questions, and only time would reveal the answers. Can the Saints forget the past years of falling short and overcome on field & off field downfalls? (Yes, thus far.) Will Brett Favre once again become the savior of a franchise, only to let them down in the end? (Still yet to be seen.) In my eyes, the Vikings have answered more questions, plus they have the real answer in Adrian Peterson. Look for him to have a breakout game. Vikings 28 – Saints 24

J. Tinsley – As a Cowboys fan, I’m man enough to admit when we get our ass whooped. Last week, we got our asses whooped. The Minnesota Bretts traveled to N’awlins to face Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Darren Sharper and the rest of the Saints. This game could really go either way because both teams are so immensely talented. Because I’m a believer that the NFL is dying to see a Manning v. Favre Super Sunday match up, that’s what I’m running with. However, the true question lies with Lil’ Wayne. Why Weezy you ask? He’s from New Orleans, but has said on numerous occasions how Brett Favre is his favorite player of all time. I’m calling for Favre to further etch his legacy with a breathtaking final drive. Saints – 31 – Vikings – 37

Indianapolis – New York

GingerKiD -I think Cinderella’s time has run out and the MVP will lead his troops back to the super bowl. I just think the Colts are that good, and even if Darrelle Revis locks up Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark will step up. Only chance the Colts lose this is if, Peyton gets hurt or Caldwell pulls the starters again. I guess you can tell I’m betting against either. Its either fulfill your destiny or major bust for the Colts. And because of that I’m picking them to come through with AT LEAST one more win. Colts 27 – Jets 13

T. Adeyemi – You know what, I’m tempted to go out on a limb here and pick the Jets. As a matter fact I will. Why you ask? Simply because I am still pissed off that Coach Cadwell completely over thought the idea of what it meant to go 16-0 and pulled his starters against none other than the J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS. So I hope they make him regret his decision, and the Jets Thank the Colts a second time for their hospitality. Jets 21 – Colts 17

J. Tinsley – You know, I’ve sucked at picking game this postseason, but this is where I right my wrongs and ride off into the sunset in a blaze of glory. Look, we all know the Jets are going to play smash mouth defense and if Sanchez can simply control the game, we could be looking at an upset. Keyword: COULD. It’s another man on the other side of the ball who’s a decent quarterback with four MVP’s, but really, how impressive is that? Impressive enough to lead his team their second Superbowl in less than five years. Revis vs. Wayne will be a great matchup, but Manning is excellent at working his other receivers into the game. Look for this to happen, but also look for Rex and Jets to provide all the fight Indy can handle. Colts 24 – Jets 20

(Last Weeks Picks)

GingerKiD – 2-2
Colts W
Chargers L
Cardinals L
Vikings W

J. Tinsley – 1-3
Colts W
Chargers L
Cardinals L
Cowboys L

T. Adeyemi – 3-1
Colts W
Chargers L
Saints W
Vikings W


4 Responses to “Grade A Staff – Conference Round Playoff Picks”

  1. betfair said

    that’s great news another feather in the cap of NY Jets

  2. Classic Ice said

    Saints vs Colts..

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  4. The colts are headed back to the superbowl! Peyton demonstrated yesterday exactly why he is the best quarterback in the NFL. The Jets offered a heck of a fight and I believe they’ve got a really great young quarterback in Sanchez. This should end up becoming one of the most offensively fun superbowl matches in history.

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