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Grade A: Jo Stunnah – aGaInSt aLL oDDs (Official Mixtape Cover)

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 21, 2010

February 5th Ladies and gentleman– Jo Stunnah aka Mr. Strip Runnaaah aka Mr. What’s Goooooooood (TM) aka Stunnah Man will be releasing aGaInSt aLL oDDs. It’s been a long time coming for this project. I remember when I was the “intern” making runs and what not, when this project was still in the creative stage.

Tracks such as WhyYou Wanna, Get It, Trap Star, and Blossom hit the airwaves anywhere between NYC and ATL and were well received. Featured on CollegeRadio 13, Jo Stunnah adds Emotional to the onslaught of tracks well liked by many different crowds. Born and Raised in South Carolina, Stunnah has transcended the stereotypes and negative expectations. Having played college football, and earning his degree, it was no cake walk. “Raised in the Slums” Jo Stunnah has had to do what it takes to get to where he is.

As  a Grade A Artist, Jo Stunnah has what it takes to become a househould name in the music industry; a southern swag and street mentality, complimented with knowledge and a strong intellect gives him an edge over the rest of the field. I must admit, the lingo will take some getting used to (Slew, DuckButta, Sandos, Sotm, Slaughtered, Ebcos, Thorry, Slorry, Slathorry, etc). But maybe we’ll get a Slictionary sometime soon.

“the name of my slanguage is slewetry…. we speak in slew”

On February 5th, I urge you to take a listen. Download the tape, sit back, and really listen to this tape. aGaInSt aLL oDDs is more than just music, its a story. Consider this the Put On from Mr. Put On. In the meantime, check this pre-mixtape release:

i DoNt SpEaK cHiNeSe


2 Responses to “Grade A: Jo Stunnah – aGaInSt aLL oDDs (Official Mixtape Cover)”

  1. Classic Ice said

    Hampton Univ stand up..

  2. Arionne Allen said

    I see you CRIB! Excited! Can’t wait to hear you on a radio near me!

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