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9ine. 4our.’s Effort to Aid Haiti

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 21, 2010


My Heart is With Haiti – 9ine. 4our. 3hree

9ine. 40ur a word graphic and t-shirt design company based in Rockville, Maryland is launching a new t-shirt my heart is with Haiti to raise money for supplies and other needed materials to help the victims of the recent earthquake. 9ine4our3hree is partnering with local relief efforts and donating all of the proceeds from the sale of the shirts in hopes of making a significant difference. – 9ine. 40ur

 Here at Grade A we are ALWAYS committed to not only serving our communities & viewers, but we are committed to showing love to our extended family. So it was only natural that we helped spread the word about the efforts of our brothers over at 9ine. 40ur This T-Shirt is the latest from the company that branded the “EFF IT” shirts that have stormed through several college campuses, including Hampton University & Howard University.

With Haiti continually facing new challenges and obstacles in assisting the people who have survived the massive earthquake, I would encourage everyone who has a heart with Haiti to purchase a shirt. My Heart is with Haiti, reach out an extended hand and help those in need.

“Be True, Be Real, Keep it 100”


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