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MJ Adds to Jay Leno’s Misery

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 20, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After watching this video combined with what happen to Jay Leno a few days ago when Jimmy Kimmel was on his show, I think somebody on VH1 should do a special segment featuring Jay called, “Worst Week Ever.” Jay Leno, the once heralded and widely liked late night talk show host has been going through the fire in the past two weeks.

If you don’t know what’s been happening, here’s a quick recap: Leno promised to give The Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien 5 years ago, Conan took over, Jay Leno had a new show at 10pm, Jay’s show flopped at 10pm, Conan on The Tonight Show wasn’t living up to the potential, and in the end NBC decided to cancel Jay’s 10pm show to move him back to 11:35pm and push Conan back to 12:05pm. Problem solved right? Wrong! Conan like protesters in the ’60’s said, “Hell No, We Won’t Go” and now NBC is left with a big mess on their hands.

The moral of the story here is, that you don’t mess with a good thing. Both Jay Leno & Conan O’Brien were doing great at their original time slots, and since the changes neither has prospered. And to top it off for Jay, everyone has their opinion on what is going on, even his guests. Lucky for Jay, MJ spared him of any personal jokes. But clearly Leno is still just as unfunny as before, as Michael points out when he asks him, “Can you still dunk?”

“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100”

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