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Sammie – “It’s Time”

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 19, 2010

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Sammie Bush has come a long way since his HardBall days. It’s impossible to escape the success that he saw throughout his childhood. With memories of I Like It and Crazy Things I Do, I see how you can get caught up in forever remembering Sammie as a young R&B artist. (Same reason Bow Wow can’t get past the ‘Lil’ although it’s no longer a part of his name.)

With six years between his debut album and his 2nd studio album, Sammie went back to school amongst other things, in a quest to determine what his life should entail. We’ve seen many child stars move to other endeavors, change genres, even careers. It’s only natural.

Think about the normal life cycle, Grade School, Secondary School, Higher Education, New Job, Mid-Life Crisis, Career Change, all preceding the eminent end of life as you know it. It’s hard to expect a person to continue to do the same thing they had been doing since they were 13, for their entire life. People do a lot of soul searching. Think about the 80% of college students who change their major atleast once. Think about those who changed their major, just to change it back to what they started with (or wish they had just stuck with the original major).

Many people I’ve talked to seem to think Sammie should have never left, that he’ll never reach his full potential, and that although he has the talent, he’s just not…. Well I disagree. In the past two+ years DJ Boogie, better knows as Boogie has taken on the role of DJ and now manager/personal assistant to Sammie. Over these past years, I have been able to see not only the talent that Sammie possesses, but also the drive and willingness to not only reach where he was before, but to surpass that point and reach his full potential.

He’s on his way there. It’s Time was released on January 9th 2010, and for the last ten days I’ve been listening to it. I hadn’t expected the most out of this EP (considering his fun but clearly not so serious Swag&B Mixtape), but was greatly surprised with the final product. For me, its a great listen for ANY occasion, and that’s one thing R&B compilations have been lacking lately; creating moreso “mood music” than “good music”. I’ve listened to this in an intimate setting, by myself in the car, at gatherings with friends. In each setting, the music was fitting. Sammie’s vocal abilities (which I don’t think were ever in question) are on point as usual. Also, Sammie collabs with Songbook (Trey Songz) to bang out some hits.

In my opinion, Sammie brings himself into the top 10 current male R&B artist realm. (I mean who else is there? Usher, Trey Songz, Maxwell, Robin Thicke, the Dream, Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Lloyd, J. Holiday? Mario?, Bobby Valentino? Jeremih? Mishon?) Exactly– If you take a listen to this EP you’ll see just why he jumps right into the ranks.

It’s Time showcases Sammie’s talent, longevity as an R&B artist, relevance, and growth. Ladies and Gentleman, Sammie’s back, and needless to say, It’s About Time. He’ll be hitting the road doing shows all over, so make sure you check out for updates with that. I haven’t been to a show yet, but hopefully we’ll have him up in the tri-state sometime soon (cough, cough).

DL: Sammie – “It’s TIme”


3 Responses to “Sammie – “It’s Time””

  1. NUNYA said

    I like the article but I wonder why numerous people are always doubting Mario vocal abilities. As i always say trey songz cant sing, majority of the people comment on his looks more than his talents, which in my opinion hes mediocre. The only people who is talented, is Sammie, Mario, Usher, Jamie Foxx,, Maxwell, Robin Thicke, Tyrese, Tank and Chris Brown.

  2. Mr. Put On said

    Naw… not questionin Mario’s vocal abilities… he’s dope… BUT… his relevance… and T. Adeyemi has just completely shredded my questioning of that with his recent Mario post if you check out the home page you’ll see it.

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