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Diggy Simmons – “Music Sets Me Free”

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 19, 2010

It seems that the middle brother of Rev. Run’s home congregation may have taken heed to his teachings the most. Daniel “Diggy” Simmons, the fashion designer, rapper, and young mogul in the making has been dropping bars on a regular basis for a few months now. Compared to his older brother JoJo’s efforts, Diggy’s style gives off a smoother, more natural vibe.

Don’t worry, no one is crowning Diggy as the next Mos Def or Black Thought, but his lyrics do reflect his awareness to the world around him. And now Diggy has released his latest track called, “Set Me Free,” produced by Snake Eyes; that gives off the feel of a younger J. Cole. Coincidently enough, Diggy rated J. Cole’s “The Warm Up” mixtape as his favorite of 2009.

Yes, I know I am stretching somewhat in comparing Diggy to J. Cole, who has shown great potential. But in today’s society comparison to other’s in terms of potential is what gets an artists singed, an athlete drafted, and a producer a deal. (See Raiders drafting JaMarcus Russell for an example of when potential is overrated.) Either way check out the young Jet Setter (His title, not mine), with his latest offering, and download his mixtape “The First Flight” if you like what you hear.

“Be Real, Be True, Keep it 100”

Set Me Free

Grade A Download Diggy Simmons “Set Me Free”


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  1. el jefe and the peace makers…

    […]Diggy Simmons – “Music Sets Me Free” « Grade A Certified[…]…

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