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Kelis Says $44,000 a Month Isn’t Enough

Posted by Ms. Aivee on January 18, 2010

Take a good look at this picture of Kelis and ask yourself, “Is this the face of a struggling single mother?” My immediate response is NO! But somehow this is the role that Kelis is playing, in her quest to extract as much money as she possibly can from former husband and rapper Nas.

Last week the singer filed legal documents to have Nas held in contempt of court for refusing to pay child support. Under most circumstances I would be in the mother’s corner but this case is a little different. In December a judge ordered to increase Nas’ already sky high support payments of $44,000 a month to $51,000 a month. After that increase he refused to pay any support and is now $56,911.50 behind.

Over the summer during the height of their divorce proceedings the rapper said he only made $147,165 a month with monthly expenses totaling $71,000, while Kelis’ expenses were $80,000 a month with a monthly income of $21,616.

You do the math, this just doesn’t add up. Kelis is spending way beyond her means and expects her ex-husband to foot the bill. There is no child on earth who costs more than $44,000 to take care of each month. Kelis needs to stop bickering with PETA and get a job! Nas needs his lawyer to keep him from being locked up for contempt and get those support payments decreased.

Kelis, you are clearly giving struggling single mother’s everywhere a bad name. Who’s side are you on? Ms. Dolla Dolla Bill ya’ll? Or Mr. Ouchie Walle Bang Bang?

Ms. Aivee


One Response to “Kelis Says $44,000 a Month Isn’t Enough”

  1. […] she get the money for a $5,000 weave if she’s got the battery in Nas’s back for more child support money since according to her $44,000 A MONTH was not enough to raise their […]

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