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TGIF “Thank GOD I Can Flashback” – Teddy Pendergrass

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 15, 2010

Well, it is the end of the work week and I saw it fitting to bring back a weekly series that I started over a year ago. First, let me thank LiadPutUOn for the continued push to bring back my “TGIF Flashback” series. If you don’t remember what the Friday Flashback is all about, let me quickly give you a reminder.

My purpose in doing this series is to highlight and wipe the dust off of a few old records that may or may not have been major hits when they debuted, but nonetheless they fit my definition of “good music.” Now unlike a lot of the other sites or T.V. shows that have flashback joints, I plan on reaching back to a song that is definitely older than anything you’ve got stashed away in your freezer that you’ll probably never use. So here’s my rules:

1) Its got to be an R&B track. My Love for Hip Hop runs deep, but R&B has always been my first love since my mother used to play her favorite tracks on Saturday mornings while we were cleaning the house. Plus, there’s just something about the feeling you get when you rediscover a throwback ballad or an uptempo dance track that Hip Hop music can only envy.

2) As I stated before I plan on reaching WAY back, not the ’60’s but definitely not any songs you’ve seen on MTV Jams lately. With that in mind, the song has to be AT LEAST 7 years old. Besides, truthfully speaking music as a whole was fuller, more powerful, and moved your soul in a way in which most music these days just can’t compare.

3) Lastly, the song CANNOT be deemed a “Flashback” if it still plays as part of the early club rotation on Friday & Saturday nights. Shout Out to my favorite Dj, DjTayJames for teaching me the science of rocking a party.

So those are my rules. If you think there should be additions or subtractions let me know. Leave a comment, email me, or shamelessly once again I beg to lead you my people, if you would oh so graciously FOLLOW ME.

Now, on to the man who invented the love knockout, Mr. Theodore “Teddy” DeReese Pendergrass Sr. When the news hit Wednesday that the world had lost another one of its most soulful and inspiring musicians I like everyone else couldn’t help but dust off Teddy P CD’s in remembrance of him. Pendergrass, who was 59 had been battling colon cancer for the past year. It is said that Pendergrass died from complications with surgery to remove the cancer. Sadly, Teddy had been disabled for over two decades due to a horrific car accident in 1982 which paralyzed him from the waist down.

Before his accident Pendergrass was at the height of a career that saw him receive many accolades and high regard from fans and industry execs alike. Seen as a world renown musician and sex symbol, Teddy had the style that men admired and that women adored. Apparently, low cut caesars and a five o’clock shadow were not the trend during Teddy’s time. I guess Rick Ross can thank Pendergrass for the full beard look.

Theodore’s musical prowess began just like so many other R&B artists as a young boy that sang in the church choir. As well Teddy took his faith a step further in becoming an ordained minister at the age of 10. Church and music were always an intertwined throughout Pendergrass’s life, and provided the vehicle for him to become an international superstar. Having taught himself to play the drums Pendergrass became part of a Philadelphia group names The Cadillacs. His group eventually joined forces with another Philly bred group called Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. From this union came the eternal classics, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” and “Wake Up Everybody.” However, with two gold albums and plenty of success came conflict between Pendergrass and Melvin which eventually led to Teddy’s departure from the group.

Seeking success on his own Teddy formed his own version of the Blue Notes briefly before deciding to go solo. The R&B crooner’s solo career began in 1977 with major success when his debut solo album self-entitled Teddy Pendergrass spawned several hits including; “The More I Get the More I Want” & “You Can’t Hide Yourself” on its way to reaching platinum status. Following up his first release Pendergrass dropped Life Is a Song Worth Singing, Teddy, and Teddy Live, all of which reached either platinum or gold status.

All of Teddy P’s albums were full of rhythms that were designed to inspire sensual moments, and helped to increase his sex symbol image. Realizing his desirable image to women Teddy began to host “Ladies Only” concerts, even furthering his sensual vibe.

Before his death the world famous Teddy P had released an astonishing 20 solo albums and compilations. Even though Teddy officially announced his retirement from the music industry in 2006 his impact is still felt through his music. His music still lives on through our generation with many artists and producers like Kanye West, DMX, Cam’ron, Little Brother, & Xscape all having sampled his music. Teddy P will forever live on through his music as his door closed one last time.

So Take the Time and Flashback…
“Be Real, Be True, Keep It 100.”
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Grade A Sample – Teddy Pendergrass “When Somebody Love You Back”
Vodpod videos no longer available.


One Response to “TGIF “Thank GOD I Can Flashback” – Teddy Pendergrass”

  1. timid086 said

    I am glad to see that “TGIF Flashback” has made a return to the Grade A website, glad to know there is still an appreciation for “old school” music and the messages behind them!!

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