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“Right Now It’s Just A Dream…” (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 15, 2010

I’m not sure if you’ve been informed, but Burn One is a dope DJ and even more phenomenal producer. Since I’ve known the dude, he’s sent me records he’s produced for artists ranging from Alley Boy, All Star, Young Buck and some Freddie Gibbs and Pill ish I’ll be liberating next week. You may most recently remember him from Yelawolf’s latest offering. Earlier today while explaining to me the logic of dropping the “Mick Vegas” moniker from his brand, he wanted me to give a listen to a new “country rap tune” he placed his seal upon.

D.C. artist, Po, and Burn team up for “Make It.” This inspirational cut may not be “Git Up, Git Out,” but the message is apparent as Po waxes poetics over this horn heavy instrumental. Whatever you believe your true calling to be, do it. Regardless of what others may tell you, have tunnel vision (to an extent). Granted, it’s the same old adage we’ve heard all our lives, but Po and Burn definitely add another element of enjoyment to the mantra.

Ok, but do I really like the song? I’ve been spinning this all day with no end in sight, so hopefully you will too. Even the homie Mo’ G agrees with me. DJ Burn One serves as host on Po’s new street album, Rise & Grind.

Download — Po – “Make It” (prod. by Burn One)


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