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Grade A Staff – NFL Playoff Picks

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 14, 2010

Well we’ve opened our gifts, rang in the new year and supposedly crowned our collegiate football champion. So you know what that means NFL fans, PLAYOFFS! Despite the many short comings of the NFL, they get one thing right every year and have a playoff to determine the World Champions of Pro Football. THANKFULLY, they don’t use some formula and biased voting. But enough of that nonsense and let’s turn to our resident Sports heads here at Grade A, to crunch the numbers and give you there 2010 NFL Playoff Predictions as we move closer and closer to the SB on SB. (Super Bowl on South Beach…a match made in heaven) We will keep track of who makes the most correct picks for the all important bragging rights around the Grade A office!


Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings

GingerKiD – I feel that is game will come down to which AP shows up. If the old AP shows up I don’t think the Cowboys inconsistent offense can muster enough scores in order to hang with NFC North Champs. Plus, the ageless wonder in Bret Favre seems to be winning the battle with father time and shows no sign of fall off. But if D-Ware and the talented D-line of Big D can get to #4 the Boys will have a chance to pull the upset and get to the NFC championship game for the first time since 1995. Minnesota 31 – Dallas 17

J. Tinsley – One thing you won’t make me do is pick against my Dallas Cowboys. I just won’t do it. That said, this has the potential to be quite the entertaining contest. Both teams have exceptional running games. Both teams have receivers that can go the distance at any time. Both teams have superstars at quarterback who are still looking to prove themselves in January (Romo more so than Favre). This game is going to come down to rushing the passer. With no disrespect to Jared Allen, the Cowboys front seven is peaking at the right time. Dallas 27 – Minnesota 23

T. Adeyemi – As I pondered my pick here I originally wanted to lean towards the team I’ve always had a strong affinity for since the ’90’s, the Dallas Cowboys. (Not claiming as “MY” team for the record) However, as I took a deeper look I think this match up isn’t going to come down to the usual suspects. I believe the Cowboys biggest weakness is their special teams. Thus, I’m expecting a major contribution from former Gator Percy Harvin, look for him to make an impact play in the kicking game. Minnesota 28 – Dallas 17

Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints

GingerKiD – Its easy to say there will be a lot of points put on the Superdome scoreboard in this match up. Set your DVR’s because I think ageless wonder #2 in Kurt Warner will have some tricks up his sleeve. This former two-time MVP is looking to get to his 4th NFC title game and further cement his Hall of Fame career. Drew Brees and the high octane Saints are anxious to show their 3 game limp into the playoffs was a fluke. Let’s see if those two weeks off either helped or hurt the NFC Champs in their bid to make it to the NFC title game. The Saints Defense will have to step up big in this one. Arizona 38 – New Orleans 35

J. Tinsley – I wouldn’t be surprised if this game played out the same way the Packers/Cards match up did. Both teams have offenses which are out of this world and receivers which probably strike fear in the hearts of defensive backs and safeties. Also, the crowd in the Superdome is going to play a bigger factor than most people give them credit for. But, I’m still picking Arizona in an upset. You know why? Because I think they’re going to have the ball last. Arizona 44 – New Orleans 42

T. Adeyemi – This is a serious head scratcher for me. Do I go with the foursome of Fitzgerald, Breaston, Doucet, & Boldin (If he’s healthy.) Or do I go with the relative no names that make up a very solid receiving core at Drew Brees disposal? Even if you throw in Reggie Bush & Jeremy Shockey I’m still torn. But I am going to put my faith in Saints safety Darren Sharper coming up with his tenth INT of the season and taking it TO THE HOUSE late in the game for the fourth time this year. Remember Defense Wins Championships. New Orleans 31 – Arizona 24


San Diego Chargers vs. New York Jets

GingerKiD – The NY Jets maybe the luckiest team in NFL history when it comes to making the playoff field. They had two teams in the Colts & Bengals, who in consecutive weeks laid down for them to get in. But give them credit in the Wild Card game with the Bengals they came to play. And the Rookie QB from the land of Troy, Mark Sanchez had a game that showed he’s developing into a prime time NFL QB. The Chargers are however the hottest team in the NFL and Philip Rivers and the Bolts passing attack is going to really push Darrell Revis and the rest of the Jets secondary. San Diego 28 – New York 14

J. Tinsley – Aight, New York’s fairy tale ride stops here. San Diego is arguably the hottest team in the playoffs and it’s going to continue, regardless of how much Rex Ryan tries to convince me otherwise. Look, the Jets defense is scary as all hell, but this will be the game their offense comes back to haunt them. And by that I mean they don’t score enough points. Whether it be through a Mark Sanchez interception or a Braylon Edwards drop (I’d put money on that), the Jets offense won’t help their defense as they will confuse Phillip Rivers and the offense. San Diego 16 – New York 10

T. Adeyemi – Out of all four games I am by far the most confident about my pick in this one. With L.T. starting to look like the LaDainian Tomlinson of 2006 when he won the MVP by scoring a league record 31 TD’s combined, and Philip Rivers being in top form, how can you bet against the Chargers? Moreover, did anyone ever REALLY trust Sanchize even back when he was at USC? Didn’t think so. San Diego 17 – New York 6

Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts

GingerKiD – Wow this rivalry has a lot of back story. The former Colts of Baltimore get to face their replacements in the former Browns (now Ravens) of Cleveland. Last week the Ravens Super Bowl caliber Defense stepped up and carried the Ravens past Tom Brady and the Patriots in the first round. The Ravens offense has shown signs of being explosive and they will have to be in order to give their D a chance to slow down MVP Peyton Manning. Coach Caldwell has taken a lot of heat for laying down to the Jets and giving up a shot at a perfect season. Its title or bust for the first year head coach. Colts 27 – Ravens 24

J. Tinsley – The Ravens are one of the most physical teams in all of professional sports. They’re going to hit you in the mouth and make sure you know how they feel about it afterward. But there is no way Peyton and company lose this game at home. Why? Because while the Ravens defense will be on point, I just don’t believe Joe Flacco can win playing the way he is. Keep in mind, he only attempted 10 passes (completed four) in their first round win against the Patriots. This game will be close, but the (four-time) MVP Peyton Manning gives another legendary performance. Indianapolis 21 Baltimore 17

T. Adeyemi – This is my grandfather’s dream match up. As a still scorned Marylander he would like nothing more than to see the Ravens pull the upset a beat those traitors in the Baltimore Indianapolis Colts. But not so fast Grandpa, if only the Ravens didn’t have a quarterback who with a sore hip is going to look like a tackling dummy to bookends Dwight Freeney & Robert Mathis. Sorry Ray Ray, I know this is the story of your life. He’s got to ask himself some days how could I have been a Raven 14 years and I’ve never had a quarterback any other team feared? Good Question. Indianapolis 24 – Baltimore 14

(Last Weeks Pick)

GingerKiD – 2-2
Bengals L
Pats L
Cowboys W
Cardinals W

J. Tinsley – 1-3
Bengals L
Pats L
Cowboys W
Packers L

T. Adeyemi – 1-3
Bengals L
Pats L
Cardinals W
Eagles L

And just for a trip down memory land see what coach Jim Mora said when it comes to Playoffs!!
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4 Responses to “Grade A Staff – NFL Playoff Picks”

  1. Classic Ice said

    Arizona 28 New Orleans 21
    Vikings 7- Cowboys
    Chargers 24 – Jets 10
    Colts 31 – Ravens 14

  2. T. Adeyemi said

    Looks like You had a Bad Week Buddy…Follow my picks better this week.

  3. […] (Last Weeks Picks) […]

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