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Fantasia Barrino Back in Action

Posted by lovelyboricua24 on January 14, 2010

File:Fantasia Barrino.jpg

After a seemingly “irresponsible” Barrino missed shows that caused producers to lose money on The Color Purple, the singer/actress is making a comeback; inviting the world into her home. Barrino missed 50 performances on The Color Purple due to tumors on her vocal cords; surgery successfully removed the tumors. Now, the American Idol winner is making a come back on reality television with a VH1 show entitled, “Fantasia For Real”. This comes to no surprise for many, since Barrino seems to live her life very openly, have written memoirs that were made into a Lifetime movie, starring herself. Despite the bad press she was subjected to, surgery, weight gain and depression, the 25-year old hopes to show the best side of herself on her show, which premiered Monday. Barrino is working on an album set to be released this year. Her sophomore album did not do too well with the public, only selling enough albums to receive Gold status; she received three Grammy nominations for her second self entilted album.


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