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Omarion Goes for Broke with “Ollusion” Album

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 13, 2010

So its late at night and I just happened to be doing my nightly search for information. And look what goodies Daddy has found leftover from the holiday season. Well, to be fair it has set to be seen whether or not this album is just that good or not. Personally, I actually have this album. It was sent to me a few weeks ago and amidst my many emails I somehow continually skipped over downloading this file. (Hands in Late Pass) Honestly, I do apologize not only to O, but to all the viewers of this site. Simply put, I have always said that I will listen to anything once before I pass judgement on it. Nevertheless, as I type the download is in progress and I will soon be using O’s latest cut as the soundtrack for my slumber.

But back to the issue at hand. As I combed the net I happen to slip onto a story on (Shout Out) about how Omarion’s album was going to be sold for $3.99! Exactly! The same reaction you just had in reading this, is the same I had as I read over the story. But my questions as to how Omarion planned on financing himself as an artist selling units at this LOW LOW price were soon answered when I learned that O decided to sell the album for $3.99 only for 24 hours. Upon a deeper investigation, the special price which comes in just cheaper than my vice of 2 Mcdoubles, a 3-pack of cookies, & a Sweet Tea on any day where the drive-thru is clear (Fat Boys Unite)…Back to the point, seems like late-night cravings are creeping in. Omarion says that his reasoning for making the album so low initially was his way of rewarding his loyal fans, and also a way for new fans to get acquainted with the former B2K frontman without paying a hefty fee. But not to be fooled, the deal was only available for digital downloads on AmazonMP3 & iTunes until midnight of January 12th.

I guess my question in reading this was should non Omarion fans see this as a desperate ploy to regain the stardom and major fanbase he once enjoyed? Or as I’m sure Omarion fanatics would tell you that this was another way that Omarion shows his appreciation to the fans. Either way you look at it, you have to admit it was risky not only financially but in terms of credibility. But not lost in this whole debate is the fact that album sales are still declining year after year. Thus, is this move by Omarion a sign of what 90% of artists will have to do to boost album sales in the near future? So far we’ve already seen posters, golden tickets, t-shirts, and numerous other add-ons become part of the package that is included when you purchase an album. Look for a review of the album coming soon, as well as a report on just how well this marketing scheme has worked out for O. Hopefully, unlike his album title the sales will not be an Ollusion.

Here’s Omarion’s Latest Single – “Speedin”


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