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Grade A: TT Torrez Exclusive Interview with Ray-J

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 12, 2010

So as a lot of you know, Danger is going through tough times right now. Having lost her new born child recently, shaving her head, having been admitted to a psych ward, and now calling Ray-J gay you know the issue had to be addressed. The interview is of decent length, very indepth, and airs out everything. Trust the girl TT Torrez to get it straight on Girl Talk, her radio show on iPower 92.1. In case you remember she brought you exclusive 50 cent on her show. Well here’s the listen, check it out. Shouts to Tapera for the look

Ray J Talks Rumors with TT Torrez

One Response to “Grade A: TT Torrez Exclusive Interview with Ray-J”

  1. […] TT’s got it! Listen to this interview as she responds to all of the press, allegations, and yesterday’s interview with Ray J. She cleans up her previous statement about Ray J, talks about her baby, and being in a mental […]

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