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“For the Love of the Game…”

Posted by Okla Jones on January 12, 2010

… And another one bites the dust.

The great sport of baseball will forever be tainted by the transgressions of the superstars that have participated in the use of steroids throughout the past two decades. So passionately known as “The Steroid Era” many of MLB’s most beloved players have compromised their fame, likeability, and legacy, when they decided to use performance enhancing drugs in order to enhance their performance on the baseball diamond. But what exactly does this mean for the legacy of the game of baseball itself?

With some of the players who hold highly exalted records; added with future Hall of Fame candidates, this definitely leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the die-hard MLB lovers across the globe. By respecting these records, and inducting these  “legends” into the Hall of Fame, it teaches the players, and fans alike that basically… cheating in baseball is accepted. Now that more and more baseball stars are admitting their alleged steroid use, it asks us all the simple question: “How many more will succumb to the temptation of juicing?”

The flashing lights, greed, and the added pressure of being able to play the game at a high level day-in, and day-out would give even the most strong-willed man the temptation to cut corners; but while the integrity of baseball will forever be in question, the love of the game still rests in many of the fan’s hearts. I just hope that one day that the MLB can clear it name and it’s past, and get back to just simply… playing the game that they love.

– Oak


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