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DJ Drama x Cam’ron – “Boss Of All Bosses 2″ (Mixtape) – J. Tinsley

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 12, 2010

Drama just recently let go of one of his two extremely anticipated Gangsta Grillz. On this edition, Dram hooks back up with Harlem’s own, Cam’ron. While the cover is “odd” to say the least, that’s not what I’m downloading it for. Crazy thing is, knowing the tape is now available for online consumption, that’s not even best news.  The lovely Miss Info just let go of this piece of information:

I just spoke to Killa and he said he’s actually got a series of Gangsta Grillz mixtapes that him and Drama are doing. And…now that Cousin Bang is out…we’ll be getting some more video clips soon. Yes!

More video clips with Cousin Bang and a Cam/GG series? No complaints here. Now, only thing that’s missing is the Fab mixtape and after that DJ Drama finds himself as the early favorite for DJ of the Year.

1. Cam’ron – Intro (2:18)
2. Cam’ron – We Back (3:00)
3. Cam’ron – Always Made It (3:56)
4. Cam’ron – Point The Finger (3:14)
5. Cam’ron – Nuthin Like Araab Musik (3:28)
6. Cam’ron – U Right (Skit) (1:08)
7. Cam’ron – Stop It Slime (4:28)
8. Cam’ron – They Feelin Us (3:44)
9. Cam’ron – Bezel Up (3:22)
10. Cam’ron – A Mafia (2:50)
11. Cam’ron – They Holla Ayyo (3:21)
12. Cam’ron – U Right 2 (Skit) (1:10)
13. Cam’ron – Ohh Baby (3:41)
14. Cam’ron – Get away (2:13)
15. Cam’ron – Nothing Personal (3:46)
16. Cam’ron – Movin Raw (4:25)
17. Cam’ron – Do Wrong (3:19)
18. Cam’ron – Lonely (3:48)
19. Cam’ron – U Right Part 3 (Skit) (1:54)
20. Cam’ron – Whistle (4:12)

DL: DJ Drama & Cam’ron – “Boss of all Bosses 2″


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