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Charles Woodson: Defensive Player of the Year & Style Coach

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 12, 2010

Charles Woodson

At first glance I know you were probably thinking, “What is he talking about? Style coach…?” Well, let me explain. When I first heard that Charles Woodson had won the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year my first thought was, “The Boy is Back.” (Like a Jay-Z ad-lib on “Change Clothes) Anyway, although Charles hasn’t been hurt this season or suspended it seems as if his career has been somehow elevated this season since the last few years he spent as an Oakland Raider. Woodson has always been a great player, as proven by his stats this season. So it came at no surprise to any football enthusiasts that he won the award. With a league-high nine interceptions, seventy-four tackles, four forced fumbles, all to go along with two sacks, it was clear that Woodson had a superb season. But I still recall a time where his play on the field wasn’t his only impact on the mixed breed of Hip Hop fans & Football Fanatics.

No, Charles Woodson’s greatest impact on Hip hop was his jersey. By far and away Woodson’s jersey was seen in more Hip Hop videos than any other player’s jersey of any sport. Heralded as the second coming of Deion Sanders, Woodson’s jersey reached a level of appeal that Primetime’s never did. Now, don’t get my words twisted, I’m not saying Charles is a better player than Prime. But surely his jersey has a much wider appeal to non-Football faithful. I personally have never liked the Raiders franchise, but I admit after I saw Diddy dancing in the “Lets Get It” video; I too found myself rocking the black & silver.

Honestly speaking, Woodson’s enormous jersey popularity should be credited to two factors. First, being drafted by the Oakland Raiders was a blessing in disguise because of their color scheme they make it easy for any fashion conscious person to include in their wardrobe. Secondly, because everyone & their mama LITERALLY rocked jerseys in the early 2000’s era. In fact, it was then that it first became acceptable to don the logo of a team other than your favorite’s. Moreover, when you were met with looks of disbelief and questions about your fanhood, you could simply respond by saying, “I bought it ’cause I liked the colors, and they matched my kicks.”

As a Grade A Bonus here’s G. Dep feat. Diddy & Black Rob – “Let’s Get It”
Vodpod videos no longer available.


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