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An Open Letter To Outkast (from J. Tinsley)

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 12, 2010


We here at ___ are huge fans of your work. The old stuff, the new stuff to everything in between. We’ve covered all the basis ’round these parts. We even had a sit down some time ago. Hell, my first post was related to you all. That being said, it’s a new year and I, personally, have new-found hope of walking into a Best Buy on some random Tuesday of this year and spending my money (yes, I still purchase CD’s) on a project cultivated by you two. You call it being a ‘fan’, I call it “consumer confidence.” In recent years, however, I’ve been built up only to be let down by the push-backs, interviews and everything that leads me to believe I may have seen the last of two of my favorite musicians. So, I hope you two have some time to kill as I’ve penned this open letter to you, Outkast. Hear me out.


Big Boi

Trust me, I understand the behind the scenes nonsense and industry incompetence are the reasons Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty has failed to hit shelves by now. Your duet with Mary was one one hell of a record and should have received more accolades than it did. On the flip side, I was equally disappointed to see your single with Gucci didn’t catch on seeing as how it was one of 2009’s best tracks. Thankfully, we received the video, so I’m here to say this: keep pushing forward. Sometime in 2010, I plan on adding your already hefty bank account with $9.99 because everything I’ve heard from the album leads me to believe your about to drop something memorable.

As a vet in the game, your name holds weight, so I’d love to see you just take this project into your own hands and just promote it yourself. No label can promote this album the way you want, like you can. If need be, we here at TSS can spread the word via whatever type of viral marketing campaign we can configure. Ask Snoop, he’s on the resumé. I know you’ve got a single with Sleepy Brown stored away somewhere too. Release it. You two are damn near automatic. Kudos for smashing the beef with Killer Mike Bigga, by the way.


Three Stacks

Hopefully you didn’t take my proclamation for T.I. as disrespect. People want a solo album from you like Pookie needed a hit on ‘New Jack City.’ It’s reached damn near fiend status and we, the people, aren’t ashamed to admit it. You’re by far a great majority’s “top-fve” rapper. The only down side is we’re only prone to hear it every six months. Quality control? Ok, we understand that. But ‘Dre, can you please confirm the rumors that your solo album is coming? You don’t even tour anymore man, at least give us this. Similar to the situation with Big Boi, I’m no economic forecaster so predicting your first week sales isn’t what I’m trying to do. Coincidentally, I am willing to say that you’d have the most anticipated album of the year.

This reminds me. I read something awhile back when you said you work best when people doubt you or your abilities. So how’s this? You suck. Your movies > your music. Andre Benjamin couldn’t craft a hot record if his wardrobe depended on it. So prove me wrong, sir. You can start by jumping on that record Drake keeps talking about. Maybe I’ll change my mind then.

After your solo albums are complete, come back full circle and hit us with the Outkast LP. Obviously not all in the next 12 months. It’d be nice, but likely beyond the realm of reality. Really, it all boils down to it being no time like the present. Ask Bun or T-Boz and Chili. In the grand scheme of things, the quality of your music is permanetly etched in Hip-Hop history. It’s people basically wanting a tad more quantity. In closing, however, I’ll be sending this letter through my homie Maurice Garland. I’m sure he can get one of you to read it.


J. Tinsley


2 Responses to “An Open Letter To Outkast (from J. Tinsley)”

  1. dalockerroom said

    I agree 1000%…Andre 3k is top 5 dead or alive and my fave rapper. Just call me pookie.

  2. Classic Ice said

    I agree 114% 3 stacks is in heavy rotation on my ipod.. I want to know whats the hold up.. When it does come out its going to be a hit..

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