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Dope Boy Testimonials (by J. Tinsley)

Posted by Mr. Put On on January 11, 2010

Dopeboys and Hip-Hop. Two occupations which, for the most part, are linked together almost as much as college and “Thirsty Thursdays.” For every street pharmacist who attempts the career change, only a few “make it” (get signed). Of this few, fewer actually matriculate into superstars. Young Jeezy just so happens to be one of the “fewer.” As with most cases, the trapper-turnt-superstar invites a few of his homeboys/colleagues to partake in his musical voyage in hopes they eventually achieve their own level of personal success. Slick Pulla, Boo Rossini, Bloodraw, J.W. and 2Eleven, collectively known as USDA, serve as those homeboys. And, if nothing else, we know the ladies love USDA.

At least from the naked eye, the landscape seems to be transitioning smoothly at “the house that Young built.” TM103 is one of 2010’s most anticipated projects. Slick Pulla was recently released from the iron grip that is the federal penitentary system. And the faction’s Shield Gang 3 mixtape is nearing completion as we speak/read/type. Maybe not exactly front page news, USDA has been on quite the work schedule as of late with tracks from all members and freestyle videos appearing all over the streets internet.

Below is only a small portion of what you’ll find through a simple Google search. Slick Pulla finds himself title jocking a movie and rhyming over one epic of an instrumental courtesy of MegMan. Boo Rossini cashed in on two tracks. Jeezy supplies a mean hook while we have the expected “Weezy verse” on the other. I can’t condone the title, but I am pretty sure not many remember Dem Franchise Boyz were the first to use this sample and Wayne offering last year. Lastly, on “Jungle” we are awarded the full version of this.

So there you have it, folks. Dopeboy tested. Dope boy approved. Feast up.

Download — Slick Pulla – “Cloverfield” (Prod. by MegMan)

Download — Boo Rossini Feat. Young Jeezy – “Do It For The Town”

Download — Boo Rossini Feat. Lil Wayne – Whip It Like A Slave

Download — 2Eleven Feat. Young Jeezy & Lil Boosie – “Jungle”

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