Grade A Certified

An Empire State of Mind on SNL

Posted by T. Adeyemi on January 11, 2010

For a show that is mostly known for its comedic skits that center around world news events, Saturday Night Live always seems to find a way to bring in the top rated music artists. This past Saturday night was no exception when songstress Alicia Keys graced the SNL set for two performances. The musical segments proved to be the night’s best moments since host Charles Barkley was so obviously reading his cue cards throughout the live show. Well we can , give Sir Charles the benefit of the doubt because he did provide a few laughs, in comparison to the regulars who were smile worthy at best. A. Keys hit the stage the first time to perform “Sleeping with a Broken Heart” off of her new album entitled The Element of Freedom.

Alicia’s latest compilation has been receiving some mixed reviews from music critics. The Element of Freedom debuted at a relatively disappointing #2 on the Billboard charts. Stalling at the #2 spot can be called a slight disappointment due to the fact that this is Alicia’s first album to not debut at the top spot. However, the album still reached over 400,000 in sales for the first week of release. The subsequent weeks also helped to prove the album’s worth having been certified gold clocking in at over 700,000 copies sold since its December 15th, 2009 release date. The album also got the Grade A stamp from Grade A’s own J. Tinsley when he dubbed the Drake assisted track “Unthinkable” an Instant Classic.

One thing is for sure, Alicia Keys has stayed consistent ever since she made her debut onto the scene in 2001 with her album Songs in A Minor. Some have even proclaimed that she is the only soulful artist left in a progressively more Popish R&B scene. Either way, Keys has proven that she is dedicated to her craft and is guaranteed to give a moving performance. Consequently, Keys seemed to have a little less passion in her first performance as compared to her second time gracing the stage when she belted out her version of “Empire State of Mind.” Jigga and Keys version has temporarily become the official anthem for a city that needs no other accolades. (No Hate New Yorkers, I swear) Nevertheless, the New York duo’s song will make anyone want to at least visit New York for the 3 minutes that the song is playing. Perhaps, Alicia’s lack of passion in her performance is due to the fact that she hasn’t been sleeping alone lately? I’m just saying, maybe she’s just On the Next One!

“Sleeping with a Broken Heart”
Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Empire State of Mind II”
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Grade A Bonus: Here’s A. Keys skit with Andy Samberg

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